Top 5 most read posts of 2018

If you’ve been a bit absent-minded this year with our posts… it is about time to catch up! And if you have remained faithful to us every week, you’ll probably like to review our best content this summer.

We’ve compiled the most successful posts on our blog so far this year, have you missed any of them?

Change of mentality: project vs product

Why when we are in a project we talk about a minimum viable product? Should we talk about Project Owner instead of Product Owner? We see how the difference between project and product can be the key between success and failure.

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Ana Domínguez holds a degree in Journalism from the Pontifical University Salamanca. She has worked in media such as Onda Cero and Punto Radio and has also worked as a screenwriter in national dramas such as ‘Gran Reserva’, ‘Hispania’ and ‘Gran Hotel’. She is currently part of the Paradigma Digital marketing team.

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