Cloud Native.

We boost your Cloud strategy to accelerate your business opportunities.

How can the Cloud model create business opportunities?
Cloud is another way of developing applications. The important thing is not where we develop our products but how we do it. Working in the cloud has become a must now that customers are moving faster than companies.

At Paradigma we have been anticipating our clients’ problems and simplifying their solutions for years. We are the digital standard when it comes to developing native cloud applications for large corporations. We are the answer companies are looking for.

Cloud can be just another form of hosting or your company’s driver. You decide...


Cloud can be just another form of hosting or your company’s driver. You decide...

Our formula

Go Cloud.

There are many ways of going cloud but not all of them will improve your business. At Paradigma we put all our expertise at our clients’ disposal to devise their cloud migration strategy and put it into practice according to a digital approach.

Transform & enhance your IT.

We add digital ingredients to your IT organization, from its infrastructure to the way it develops apps.

App Migration Transformation.

We have extensive experience in turning legacy systems into digital applications that transform the business.

CNA Development.

We develop apps from scratch using all the components of cloud native applications: containers & serverless computing, events, APIs, microservices, CD, and DevOps.

Digital Mentoring.

We transfer practice-based knowledge to train those teams that need to adapt to the new Cloud Native paradigm.

Managed Cloud.

We accompany our clients over the life cycle of their software. We do not just develop; we also run and maintain according to a 24/7 model the best Cloud practices.



Adaptability Adaptability


The agility demanded by the market forces us to guarantee that the cost of evolving our systems remains highly competitive at sprint ten – but also at sprint one hundred.


Architecture Architecture


We help you to make a rational use of the Cloud by using those architectures that are best suited to your use case and resources only when this is called for.

Business Focus

Business Focus Business Focus


Draw on our experience and accelerators to focus all of your efforts on the actual needs of your business.

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