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“Users don’t pay for your technology or your infrastructure, they pay only for the value you add to them.” Nacho Herranz Cloud Manager at Paradigma

Cloud is much more than just a new way of managing servers, it’s a new paradigm that is changing the way we understand software development.

IaaS (Infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) allow you to simplify tasks related to infrastructure management and base technology that don’t really add any actual value to your business, so that you can focus your efforts on the development of applications, which is what really adds value to your business. By doing this you will get the necessary competitive agility in a time when clients move much faster than companies do..

We have reached a point where it’s impossible to understand the day to day of any company without digital technologies and in this context it’s inconceivable that an IT department can provide service to a business if it isn’t by relying on a cloud strategy, at first in a private stage and later moving on to a hybrid public strategy.

Cloud case studies

Paradigma combines Cloud and DevOps

Two strategies that complement each other perfectly and multiply each other’s benefits



Paradigma can help you get all the benefits of cloud

from the ROADMAP to service operation:
  • Definition of a strategy and cloud roadmap. We begin with an assessment with which we evaluate your infrastructure in every level: scalability, security, technology and reliability.
  • Training and support provided to help you develop cloud capabilities. In addition to our certified teams we always work with our partners’ architects who guarantee you the best solution.
  • Adopting DevOps in order to optimize your ⅓ development cycles by implementing a PaaS as OpenShift, combined with Agile and Continuous Delivery.
  • Solutions based on Cloud so that trials and A/B Test can be perfectly integrated into your development cycles, giving you the flexibility to try as many ideas and functionalities as you need.
  • More than just a simple migration, we transform your projects safely and progressively moving them to Cloud.
  • New digital business lines for your Company directly built in Public Cloud in an agile way.
  • 24×7 maintenance and operation of our cloud developed projects.
Always the solution that best adapts to your company:
  • Optimize the use of your datacenter, turning it into a fully automated private Cloud thanks to the implementation of an IaaS as OpenStack or Mesos which give you full control and customization.
  • Set up a hybrid Cloud that takes advantage of the best of Cloud to escale and serve content keeping your transactional in your own datacenter.
  • Build your own customized Cloud, handling the infrastructure as if it were source code with Docker, Kubernetes or Swarm.
  • Turn into a 100% Cloud Company, with all your systems working in a public cloud that allows you to make the most of all its benefits.
  • Creation of a Smart Data Center to manage your whole infrastructure optimizing the use of your IT staff, automating the operation and reducing development cycles.
  • Even if your current infrastructure isn’t in cloud we will create a disaster recovery plan, backups or analytics in Cloud, in order to improve it.

We will accompany you on your Cloud trip

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