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“Trusting Paradigma as our provider of multiple solutions lets us enjoy the same top quality of strategic, technical consulting and software.” Oriol Mas CEO SSC in USG People

Our passion is to help companies with their digital transformation process using the best technologies and the most efficient methodologies.

The birth of new digitally native companies has completely revolutionized the competitive landscape. Startups with a strong character have prompted the emergence of new solutions and technical architectures that have revolutionized the world of IT tools and the ways to build and conceptualize digital products that did not exist until very recently.

As if this were not enough, consumers have become much more demanding to the wide range of the market. This has a direct impact on the companies who now must not only "fulfil" but to succeed they need to create a wow experience for their customers.

This new scenario forces a radical change in the way software is developed: record development time, zero downtime, speed, flexibility, innovation, customer focus and low operating cost.

To meet these new expectations, a combination of methodologies and technologies that make our offering is required.

Areas of specialization

Velocity development
The pre-internet companies need to have suppliers and working models that enable them to develop their digital solutions in an "Internet mode" with more aggressive delivery times and use of tools and models of development that allows them to compete with the digitally native companies.

Added to this is what we call development in Velocity mode.
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Customer experience
In order to build a product with the quality and time to market the market requires it is essential to have a cohesive working group.

No one doubts today that user experience is a key success factor for any product and therefore, from very early stages, our team of UX in our agile development process is an integral part of this fundamental aspect of the product from the beginning.
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Digital Strategy
The impact that technology is having on businesses is not superficial, rather it is shaking up the foundations of most industries. This requires companies to have to digitally transform their business rethinking their strategy to use technology and the possibilities it opens as a fundamental part of their strategy.
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Big data
The massive amounts of data being moved on the Internet (terabytes, petabytes...) have created the need for a technology that allows companies to extract value from this data efficiently in time and money. This technology is what is known as Big Data and it allows us to analyze and extract the full value of the data so we can have a thorough understanding of the client.

With Big Data there is no longer an Internet, but rather each user has their own.
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Digital DNA
Las grandes empresas españolas no están preparadas para el nuevo entorno digital. Internet no perdona los fallos, las que no estén a la altura están muertas. La única forma de dar servicio a las demandas cada vez más exigentes del negocio es adoptando los métodos ágiles y buenas prácticas de ingeniería para la construcción de sus productos digitales.

Pero el mayor desafío de las empresas no es la renovación tecnológica, sino el cambio cultural y organizativo necesario para llegar a ser una empresa ágil a todos los niveles, capaz de responder rápido ante la evolución del mercado manteniendo una visión fresca e innovadora.

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Cloud is a new Paradigma that is changing the way we understand software development.

Not only the hardware becomes a commodity that you pay as a service (IaaS), but it adds an extra layer of abstraction on which to build and scale applications (PaaS) to cloud directly. It simplifies the management of the underlying infrastructure (hardware & software) so you can focus on what really adds value to your business.
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In addition to outstanding performance, NoSQL helps provide the product with new features significantly reducing both Time-to-Market as well as deployment costs, operations, and maintenance.” Vicente Ayestarán, Head of NoSQL in Paradigma.

NoSQL comes to the differentiating itself thanks to accepting types of data, more volume, more speed and new architectures.
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The process of digital transformation

In a process of digital transformation, technology is very important, but it is useless if it is not understood as a global transformation at all levels. For us, the process relies mainly on three pillars: Agility, lifecycle automation and cloud tools (public or private).


“They have great knowledge about the internet and development. They are very, very good”Alejandro ArandaCorporate Quality Manager of NH Hoteles

Even before the Internet or agile methodologies existed, there was a large number of mad men trying to plot the development process of a project so as to have its service lines: Gantt charts, infographics, concept maps… still to this day we are searching for the definitive graph.

What we have at least learned in Paradigma is that although the methodology matters, no project is a straight line with perfectly aligned teams to defined percentages. Talent matters but in the end is more perspiration than inspiration, the requirements shift, no one succeeds at first and because of all this it is people who make a company come to fruition.


90%inspiration and 10% perspiration

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“Training is neither a cost nor an investment, it is a benefit” José Manuel Díaz Training Manager at Paradigma

At Paradigma we try to be always at the state of the art in technology. To achieve this, our own colleagues share their experiences and knowledge with the rest of the organization through an internal training system. They give seminars, courses, meetups, real life examples ... all the important content you need to be up to date.

Now, we want to share this same method with our customers.

  • Red de formación interna
  • Continuamente actualizados
  • Motivados en nuestro trabajo