January 2007. While Steve Jobs and Apple were revolutionising the world with the introduction of the iPhone, we were taking our first steps. Thus was born Paradigma Tecnológico. It was just the beginning of a long and exhilarating road. Today, 10 years later, many things have changed, but some things, like the excitement, determination, and confidence, remain. We’ve turned 10 years old! This is our story.

Our origins

There is no doubt that beginnings are never too easy. Not even for Amazon, Apple, Google or Microsoft! All of them had a complicated origin, but also, in addition to a garage somewhere in the middle, they had something in common: an extraordinary enthusiasm to fulfil a dream.

And that is precisely what we have in common with these technological giants. In 2007, a group of friends decided to drop everything, turn their lives around and commit to a project that at the start maybe sounded more like madness than reality, but why not try it? And they did.

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Some Paradigma employees in 2008[/caption]

Paradigma Tecnológico was born in 2007, with only ten people on the team and without an official office. Nevertheless, the goal that we set for ourselves that January of 2007 is still present in our DNA: we wanted to be an independent company, capable of learning from our own experience and of implementing good practices to make good projects for our clients. The year would finish with a total of 27 people on board. It was a modest beginning, but the adventure had only just begun…

2008 the first steps as a company

We were only just beginning to walk in 2008 when the biggest economic crisis of the century broke out. It didn’t seem like good times were coming. Even so, we expanded our offices, grew in numbers, added clients and new projects, and were able to double our business volume.

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Yes, we admit it, this was one of our logos (2010)[/caption]

2010 - 2011: Paradigma reaches 100 employees

2010 was a special year, Iniesta drove us crazy with that play that would give us our first World Cup. Meanwhile, we continued growing amidst the crisis that wouldn’t end. We finished the year with already 100 employees and in 2011 we added more than 20 national clients, among them large multinational companies in banking, retail and energy, among others.

Our effort, enthusiasm and desire to continue doing things well made it so that, little by little, we were securing our place as a technological company. But, why settle for that? Could we improve? Yes, and that was one of our goals to continue growing.

2012 Big Data Spain is born

5 years had passed since our first steps. We were prepared to start new projects. At that time, Big Data didn’t seem very strong yet, but we were convinced that it was a universe that we had to take a chance on and we did.

In 2012 Big Data Spain was born, an event that was emerging to be the reference point at a national level for the whole community of experts in this technological area. Its success was such that currently we are about to celebrate the 6th edition (2017).

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5th Edition of Big Data Spain in Kinépolis (2016)[/caption]

Our last edition was able to bring together more than 1,200 professionals from Big Data, Machine Learning and technologies related to Cloud, NoSQL, etc. We have 65 world reference presenters and 19 sponsors.

Not only have we achieved making Big Data Spain the most important event on state-of-the-art technologies at the national level, but it is also the second most important meeting in Europe (after Strata Data London) for enthusiasts and professionals in the industry.

We are very proud that the commitment to this important event for us continues, year by year, to add attendees and catch the interest of an entire community.

2014 We found Stratio

We wanted to continue innovating and we were willing to work hard to achieve it. With the experience we had accumulated from years of data mining, sentiment analysis, machine learning… we felt it was time to create a start up product specialised in Big Data, and so in 2014 we founded Stratio.

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Stratio Offices[/caption]

Our “little brother” has grown exponentially. Our start-up has been able in as little as three years to position itself among the best in the market, offering companies a full digital transformation service based on data.

2015 We change our “surname”, but we keep our essence

Technology is revolutionising society, and we wanted our name to reflect the digital reality.

For this reason, we decided to change our name from Paradigma Tecnológico to Paradigma Digital. A necessary change that expresses our desire to be constantly evolving and to be firmly committed to the digital universe.

2016 We continue growing: Datio is born

After Stratio, in 2016 Datio is born, a fruit of the collaboration of one of the major Spanish banks and Stratio, forming a proprietary platform based on Spark, becoming a company that sets as its goal to be a leader in the field of digital transformation in the financial world, on a national as well as international level. About to turn one year old, we are on the right track...

2017 the year of the People

2017 is turning out to be a very special year, not only because we’re celebrating 10 years of continuous growth, but we're happy while doing it. Or at least that is what we are working for day to day. We have sought to make our employees happy throughout this decade and we are dedicating more and more time and effort so that this remains so.

In January of this year we implemented in the office the shortened work day for the whole year, making us the first company in the IT sector to take such a measure. Working from 8 to 3 improves, without a doubt, the work/life balance of all of us that form part of Paradigma. Will we not be happier in the office if we are also happier outside of it?

For five months now we have been enjoying free evenings, a 100% flexible schedule, maintaining the same level of productivity, ultimately being able to balance our work life with our professional life.

The fact that we grew more than 26% in 2016 doesn’t mean that we cannot take a chance on conciliation. Growth has not constrained us.

To this initiative, which started out as a petition on our suggestions board, more than half of our staff has already joined. Of the more than 240 people that make up Paradigma, more than half enjoy an intensive schedule throughout the year.

What else have we accomplished in this decade?

During these 10 years we have achieved many of the objectives and goals that we have set for ourselves each year. We have managed to become partners of such important giants as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, MongoDB and Red Hat.

Our commitment to training has not stopped at any moment: we have 14 active meetup groups that have more than 10,000 members and a training service on which we work day by day to offer the latest innovations of the IT sector.

We are sponsors of the big national events, like UXSpain, Codemotion, Agile Spain, Front Fest, PyconEs… as well as organize our own events. In 2016, we launched our Tech Brunch, meetings where we share our experience of digital transformation with other companies.

In short, we have fulfilled many of our defined objectives and others which 10 years ago would have seemed sheer madness. If we have managed to arrive to where we are it is thanks to the more than 700 people that have been at Paradigma and have made their small contribution so that we could be who we are now. To those who are here and those that were we express our most sincere gratitude.

The road doesn’t end here. We will continue working to improve what we started 10 years ago.

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