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Combine technology, design and strategy in the same product? Yes, it can be done. Don’t you believe us?

We don’t want to convince you of anything. We just want you to get to know us, show you how we work, and find out how we can help you. You, your project, your product, and your company.

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About us image

After 15 years of existence, welcoming more than 600 professionals into our family and working hand in hand with 120 clients, we can say that we are proud to have contributed to the digital success of the most important companies in our country.
If your company is brave and has a different vision; if it is innovative and capable of going down new roads without fear; if it is willing to set great challenges for itself...
Then… let’s work together!

Our pillars

The basis of everything.


This is the main ingredient of the recipe for success.

It simply happened.


This is the engine that drives all our parts.

Our keystone.


It is always present in all our projects.

Agilism & success.


It is seared into our DNA.

Our secret weapon.


Common sense and farsightedness, hand in hand.

Javier Sánchez
Paradigma is both a partner and a travel companion during the process of changing the way we carry out digital projects.

Javier Sánchez

Head of Digital Projects at Cetelem

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