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The elevator pitch What is Paradigma from first to sixth floor

We are dedicated to technology but we have always believed that the jack of all trades is a master of none, and thus, we have focused on the Internet world, strategy, user experience and development, which is more than enough.

Our experience and passion for technology has led us to focus our work in a different way for both our clients and our teams: Objective-driven approach. We are not interested in the hours spent doing something. What we care about is the quality of the end result.

A brief timeline

How we do it

We analyse our clients’ value chain to understand the challenges and opportunities it presents.

We deliver software solutions meeting the projects’ deadlines and budget because we work with integrated teams that have a long track-record in agile methodologies. We develop software in a simple, fast and
effective way.


Our people make technology work at its hardest. We hire trained and committed professionals who endeavour to get the job done. We are so selective during our recruiting processes that we prefer to limit our growth before compromising the potential of our teams.

We acknowledge the effort of all the individuals by abiding by their decisions and offering autonomy, family conciliation and a career plan.

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Technology is at the heart of the company since its inception. It is still very much the core of our identity. We apply technology to solve problems, improve processes and rethink businesses. We obsessively measure, analyse and iterate everything that happens in or around us.

We are vendors-neutral and technology-neutral. While we advocate the virtues of open source and we actively contribute to it and to its communities, we believe that proprietary and open source software can and should co-exist.


How do you estimate the contribution of “client’s trust” on a business plan? We invest in building the relationship with companies and professionals along their careers. We genuinely make our clients’ problems ours.

Our largest accounts were born as small projects or proofs of concept. Delivering software of the highest standard in time and budget is only the first step. Our clients rely on us for bigger and more ambitious projects. Eventually, they leverage our knowledge of Internet by consulting our strategy and technology experts.

Our dependability turns us from a mere provider into -thats right- a true partner.


We have been working with agile methodologies since 2007. Not only are we geared towards delivering the best product with the available budget; we usually convert our clients' to our methodologies in the process. Recurring business from our clients is our best metric of satisfaction.

Read on to learn more about Scrum and how we use it.


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Other points


We support the Fundación Lealtad from their very beginnings. The Foundation analyses the transparency and best practice of NGOs. Their reports are released publicly. We contribute with funding every year to help a service that can only be beneficial for society.
Support the Fundación Lealtad!


Promoters of technology events

bigdataThe successes of Paradigma are partly due to the great environment of technology we belong to.

We promote one of the best technology events in Europe: Big Data Spain. With 400+ attendees, dozens of speakers from the most relevant vendors world-wide, the Big Data Spain conference is a key event to understand the progress of business applications and technologies of Big Data.


We sponsor events like AgileSpain, Codemotion, Spring.io, SpainJS, UXSpain and iRedes in Spain. We are glad to sponsor other events in Europe, so please drop us an email if you have a proposal we cannot turn down.


Meetups and talks

Our regular talks about software at Universidad San Pablo CEU in collaboration with Javahispano are celebrated for their quality and relevance. We contribute with speakers or lending/supplying logistics to all the congresses, meetups and hackathons that fit into our areas of expertise, interest or business.

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