we are looking for talent

Those who make it work Geeks, techies... technology enthusiasts, always involved.

One of ours

Once you cross the door of Paradigma you realize that there is a line that separates the outsideworld from a new ecosystem, one that is creative, technological and geeky.

As you travel along the hallways, you sense the enthusiasm of its inhabitants, involved with everything around them in unexpected spaces, from the entertainment area with our ping pong and arcade passing through the meeting rooms to our very particular terrace with stunning views of Madrid, fussball and the ‘zen’ zone in which you can reorganize your ideas.

If you are not interested in the number of hours that your teammates take to do their work, neither do we. We will not be your shadow to see if you stay late in the office. The only thing that matters to us is the quality of the final result.

We look for talent, we look for one of ours. Do you dare join us?

Why Paradigma

Large accounts / customers

We want the best. For you and for our customers. Banco Santander, Antena3, Randstad, El Corte Ingles, Vocento, Telefonica, Vodafone … If you feel tingly, you have taken the first step.

With the best technology

Java, Vert.x, J2EE, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, responsive, HTML5, JS Angle … We’re not setting up a new robocop, but I will confirm that the rest of the list is TOP SECRET :)

Social benefits

Restaurant Tickets if one day you prefer to eat outside the office. And if you have children? Well, we also have nursery tickets. You will even have a health insurance that even Dr. House would approve of.


We attach importance to having a flexible schedule so you can combine your personal and professional life. At any time you can always ask for help or advice to all the professionals who surround you. It’s like that.

Freedom and Responsibility

Sometimes they compare us with the A team: companionship and responsibility characterize our projects. When we have one in our hands, we finish on time and with the job well done. We are one!

Work environment

During your first day you will receive a Paradigma welcome pack, you can sign up for soccer tournaments, ping-pong, paddle, berf battles or even demonstrate your culinary skills in our small Masterchef contests. You choose!

R + D + i

Research. Development. Innovation. We develop R + D + i collaborating with universities in 80/20 modality. That’s how we are, always looking for any excuse to stay connected with technology, in one form or another, and digital.

Internal training and seminars

You will have the opportunity to improve your level of English and technology through classes taught at Paradigma. After performing a test, we will assign the right group for you. Are you ready?