Digital DNA.

Accept change. Transformation is never over.

Many companies are in the midst of a process of change – but they do not accept that transformation is not about going from point A to point B but about gaining the ability to move nimbly from one point to another when necessary.

Being Agile is much more than applying a framework, than adopting other companies’ organizational model. To be Agile is to be able to provide value to users from the very moment you start building a digital solution and to do so within a corporate culture that is conducive to achieving these goals.

Are you Agile?
Are you really sure?

Superficial changes do not lead to achieving results. We help you to be Agile, not to look like it.


Our formula

DNA Framework.

We have established our own working framework based on our experience as a digital native company to help our clients throughout their transformation process. It is a living framework that is subject to continuous improvement.

Immersion & vision.

During the first few weeks of the digital transformation process, together we will discover what the goals to be reached are, what the starting point is, and what strengths and weaknesses we need to take into account. Thanks to this, we will obtain a backlog of prioritized initiatives, form teams to start working on them, and set KPIs that will point the way for us.

Iterative & incremental.

Long-term strategic plans are a thing of the past. We work iteratively and incrementally, updating the transformation backlog and modifying the roadmap according to any changes that happen. In every iteration we will review those KPIs that have a greater impact and the status of the initiatives and accompaniment plans under way. This ability to adapt is essential to successfully achieving the objectives.


With culture, it is Agile

With culture, it is Agile With culture, it is Agile


Agile is all the rage now and it is being adopted by all kinds of companies – but we are forgetting what lies underneath all of these practices and methods. It is Agile’s new mindset, values, and principles what make it special, and this is what everyone is overlooking.

A means, not an end

A means, not an end A means, not an end


We cannot start a process of transformation without knowing what our goals are and how we are going to measure whether we are moving towards them at every step we take.

Acting rather than training

Acting rather than training Acting rather than training


A challenge of this size is not overcome only with training but by accompanying the people and teams involved during their day-to-day activities. Moreover, if we work exclusively at the operational level, change will never be global. Initiatives need to be promoted at the strategic, cultural and organizational levels.


Humanize Humanize


Once digitalization is complete, it will be the turn of humanization. The organization must be redesigned to support this new culture and ways of working. The key to the survival of organizations is their people.

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