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The Scrum room: how to improve transparency within your team

Scrum is a framework that many companies are increasingly incorporating more frequently in their work projects with the aim of improving team motivation, the relationship with the customer and product quality from the planning stages to the end. It is a good bet for companies that believe in agile methodologies and in the advantages they have on productivity.

One of the bases of Scrum is empiricism, which is based on three pillars: inspection, adaptation and transparency. Scrum uses these three pillars as a basis to function.

Inspection and adaptation always work in tandem in Scrum. There are many times when the team (or part of it) inspects part of the work and adapts it accordingly.

For example, during the Daily Scrum, the Development Team inspects the Sprint Backlog and adapts it the next day to reach the goal of Sprint.

Another example occurs during the Sprint Review, where the Scrum team inspects together with different stakeholders the state of the product that is being developed ahead of adapting the next Sprint.

Inspection and adaptation is something that many teams use and that works for them. Today we are going to talk about the third part of the equation: transparency.


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Tools to standardise the security of your cloud environments

Do you know what a CASB is and what it is for? And an IGA? Well, in the current situation, where cloud services are changing from a necessity to an obligation, you are going to start hearing about them everywhere. In today’s post, we are going to see what each of these tools consists of.

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Charts in React, The Right Way

If you need to create a chart within a React app, how do you do it? Do you use a pre-made library? What if it doesn’t allow the flexibility you need? Then you provably need to use D3 directly. But how do you integrate the two libraries smoothly? There are many different approaches, but only one brings you the best of React and the best of D3. We’ll see toghether how to create a basic chart, how to add interactions to it and finally how to animate it (for the “wow” effect)...

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From fiction to reality: the maturity path of Artificial Intelligence

In recent times we are hearing more and more talk about artificial intelligence, already set to remain in our lives.

We find it in our homes, close to hand, in television, automation, apps… Companies use it ever more in different fields such as customer care or the study of consumers’ behaviour.

Some are already talking about an industrial revolution, but how did we reach this point? What is the history of the evolution of artificial intelligence? Which events and technology have made it possible to finally arrive to the golden age of AI?

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Digital companies like us like change

The other day, while chatting with my colleague Diego Mosquera, we were talking about how much we both like change. And leading digital companies are characterised by their acceptance of change as something natural in the pursuit to improve, incorporating it into their organisational structure and day-to-day operations.

When there are changes in a traditional company’s organisation or strategy, all the alarm bells ring, people fear for their jobs and water-cooler chat about Game of Thrones-style conspiracies abound.

Why does this happen? Because change is usually seen as a reaction to a mistake. It is assumed, somewhat arrogantly, that something went wrong with the company and that the change is an amendment of sorts to the plan.

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Cassandra, the lady of NoSQL databases

Among the new storage systems that are appearing within the Big Data universe, Cassandra is one of the most interesting and significant. Cassandra is defined as a distributed and massively scalable NoSQL database, and this, from our point of view, is its greatest virtue: the capacity to scale up linearly.

Additionally, Cassandra introduces very interesting concepts, such as multi data center support and peer-to-peer communication between its nodes. In this article, we will take a closer look at these and other characteristics that make Cassandra so special.


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TDD, a methodology to govern them all

Recently, the methodology Test-Driven Development has become a way of working and a change of mentality in the IT world, but unfortunately there are always exceptions within this sector, be that due to mentality (“this is worthless”) or because of deadlines that hurry us (“this is a waste of time”).

We will try to explain by introducing what it consists of, what are its basic principles, what it means to implement this methodology and what advantages it brings us.


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Artificial Intelligence in Big Data Spain 2017

Imagine that you are the product owner of an application with around one million users (or devices) generating some 20,000 events per second. You then need to calculate the total number of concurrent users. In real time…

The challenges of Big Data are still formidable and we will talk about them once more at the Big Data Spain conference. Did you know, for example, that, in a few months time, European authorities will be able to impose sanctions of up to 20 million euros to your company? Think Big… And Then Think Bigger!

Big Data Spain, Kinépolis (Madrid)

Big Data Spain, Kinépolis (Madrid)

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Ebook ‘Big Data through 140 characters’

Perhaps one of the most disruptive technologies in the last 30 years, after the appearance of the Internet, has been Big Data and all the revolution it has caused around it influencing in practically any field.

In the field of business, terms like the intelligence of data, real time processing, data centric architecture or artificial intelligence govern the strategies in digital transformation in the biggest companies in the world.

Since 2012, Paradigma has organised Big Data Spain, one of the two most important meetings on a European level. An event that acts as a meeting point to reunite the best Big Data experts in the world and that to this day has more and more attendees each year.

In this eBook, we have wanted to take the pulse of the event, in its latest edition, through the impressions and opinions that the attendees reveal on Twitter. We will review in depth the term Big Data and other areas linked to it. Enjoy!

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What is an Agile Coach?

I still remember the day I arrived at Paradigma. They told me: ‘Your mission is to see how the company’s Scrum is and to improve everything that isn’t working well’. Then I wondered: ‘But, what am I?’. The answer was that, at Paradigma, there are no labels.

I have to admit that in that moment I was perplexed; part of my job was going to involve approaching teams that had spent years working in a particular way to tell them that what they were doing was wrong, or how they could improve. Who was I to tell them that? As a stranger! This is where the struggle between ‘Comfort Zone’ and ‘This is a challenge, who said anything about being scared?’ begins.

Then came the day that I was introduced: ‘This is Javi, our Agile Coach’. And then the million-dollar question arose: what is an Agile Coach?

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