What new technologies did we discover at Big Data Spain 2018?

If something made Big Data Spain 2018 special for us was the great amount of technologies and tools we discovered. We were lucky to have great Spanish and foreign industry speakers that told us about the latest developments on the market.

What will be the next frameworks with which we will work? What technologies will revolutionize the digital world as we know it today? At Big Data Spain 2018 we took a small leap into the future and realized we cannot lose sight of the short term. What will the next big things be in the near future?

MLflow, Apache Pulsar, Flink, etc are just some of the new tools that are having a big impact on the market, but there are many more. In this post we will cover the five most relevant of these other tools.

MLflow: Accelerating the Machine Learning Lifecycle (Matei Zaharia)

Matei Zaharia (Databricks) travelled to Spain for the first time for the last edition of Big Data Spain to talk about technology. In addition, we were lucky to have him present MLflow at the event, a new open-source project from Databricks, which was launched in June 2018 and whose purpose is to simplify the lifecycle of machine learning.

Apache Kylin and Use Cases (Luke Han)

What is Apache Kylin bringing to the world of Big Data? Luke Han (Kyligence Inc.) explained the most important aspects of this technology are and presented several use cases to help us understand the impact it is having on the market.

On Big Data Spain’s YouTube channel you will find all the talks from this and past events.

And remember that Big Data Spain has been rechristened Big Things. Check out the website to get more information on the event.

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