[Infographic] What is DevOps? (and especially what it is not)

DevOps is one of the terms that more debate and controversy generate in the IT sector. Most of the confusion stems from confusing what’s DevOps with the requirements that
are needed to implement it or with the benefits that will be gained once it is implemented.

There are a lot of questions about this concept. Is DevOps a culture? Is it a profession? Is it necessary to digitally transform a company? Can it help us in developing a digital product?

In view of this hotchpotch of ideas and confusion of concepts, we will try clarifying what DevOps is and, particularly, what it is not with the help of this infographic.

Click on the image to see the full infographic.

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Telecommunications Engineer for UPM, relying on twenty years of experience with web projects in companies like GMV-SGI, Germinus, Gesfor, Logica and CGI. Currently I am tasked with aligning and transmitting the offer of Paradigma Digital and helping to identify the best solution for each client, bringing my knowledge of the Internet and agile methodologies, my capacity for the abstract and my design of business solutions based on cross technologies.

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Graduate in Fine Arts, specialising in graphic and web design. I started my professional career designing and laying out websites, but soon my dedication extended solely to design. At Paradigma I continue to learn and enjoy UX design, as well as bringing my artistic knowledge to any other project.

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  1. Kevrell says:

    This is both street smart and ingilletent.

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