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Paradigma and Red Hat,
a success story.

We are a Red Hat Premier partner, specializing in integrating their technology in major corporations.

At Paradigma, we have committed to Open Source technologies from our inception; that is why we have found Red Hat to be the perfect ally in building digital products.

Red Hat is the leading global manufacturer of enterprise open source solutions. Paradigma Digital is the leading company in Spain on the development of digital products using the Agile methodology and DevOps.

We have production experience in most sectors: banking, insurance, retail, tourism and even the public sector. Maximizing its advantages to reduce the Time-to-Market and increase the efficiency of development and operations teams.

We have the highest partnership level with Red Hat, as well as expert development and integration teams for products such as Openshift, Openstack or Ansible.

The relationship between Paradigma and Red Hat dates back to 2014 with our first alliance. In 2018, after four years strengthening the relationship and committing to Red Hat products, Paradigma became a Premier Partner. Since 2021, we are also a Red Hat Container Platform Specialist, which confirms the strategic relationship between Paradigma and Red Hat and, especially, in the implementation of OpenShift Container Platform solutions.

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Paradigma has considerable experience and advanced technical skills in the development of Openshift projects.


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