We are Red Hat premier partners; a reference in Spain in terms of implementing Openshift Container Platform solutions.

Openshift is the perfect development and implementation platform for native apps in a hybrid cloud. Above all, it is the platform we use to implement Cloud architectures with microservices in major corporations.

A series of artifacts have emerged from the collaboration between Red Hat Openshift and Paradigma, which offer a Cloud Native application development and operating environment, prepared to launch a new digital product in minutes, easily, reusable and valid for any IT requirement.

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Designed for the hybrid cloud.

Red Hat Openshift runs on any cloud. It can be used on any On-Prem and public cloud infrastructures. This makes it easier to adopt a hybrid approach. It simplifies application portability by using a common layer accross all clouds.


End-to-end automatic operations.

It offers the installation, updating and automated life cycle management for each technology stack component: the operating system, Kubernetes and cluster services. The result is an always up-to-date and more secure platform, without worrying about manual updates or downtime.


Increased developer productivity.

Openshift extends the benefits of containers and Kubernetes for developers.

It drives innovation in stateful, event-based, serverless or machine learning applications. And in integrates very well with Jenkins and other standard CI/CD tools and to reinforce security.

It helps build apps with speed, agility, and confidence.


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