Analytics saves your business money or helps it make more of it. If your company is not implementing Analytics aggressively in 2015 and integrating it with its traditional Business Intelligence systems, it might start losing its foothold in regards to its competitors.


This is why:

1 Analytics saves costs in operations

Analytics can now measure the overlap between online and offline channels. Questions like "How can I tie up online and offline operations (call centres, physical stores) to drive sales" and multi-channel attribution are successfully dealt with.

2 Analytics turns your marketing into a performance-driven investment

Analytics answers in near real-time questions like "Which channels are making every dollar I spend in marketing work the hardest?"

Find out more about the capabilities and uses of Universal at Google Analytics for web programmers.

Prediction Two

Marketing agencies will impose Google Tag Manager as standard

Adspend is intermediated by agencies in behalf of their clients. Agencies are demanding the implementation of tracking tags to monitor their campaigns. Google Tag Manager makes it easy for agencies to implement tracking. The platform is free and it offers the potential of saving IT hours and time lags in regards to the traditional on-page tagging.

Corporations and large brands are adopting Google Tag Manager in droves. The framework centralizes the tagging of vendors like Comscore, Marin Software, AdRoll or Bizo in one place. Its selling point is its simplicity. However its implementation is not always straightforward; in ecommerce for instance, the tracking of the tags requires the creation of data layers in the code that only developers can implement.

Prediction Three

Big Query will grow in adoption

BigQuery is a service that enables the querying of massive datasets. It will be adopted as an SQL-like power tool by webmasters and Business Intelligence analysts.

While the power of BigQuery is very impressive indeed (see for instance a demo of ETL on the fly at #BDS14), squeezing the value from it still requires a technical skill set. Use cases and add-ons will probably lower the entry level for digital strategists and quantitative marketers.

Prediction Four

The commoditization of A/B testing

Google Experiments and services like Optimizely or Visual Website Optimizer are popularising the use of testing for conversions.

Implementing and interpreting split tests will no longer require the services of specializing Statisticians. Quant marketers and data-savvy managers can now make decisions without having to require expertise in advanced Statistics.

Prediction Five

The industry of web analytics vendors will consolidate

Vendors like Kissmetrics, Mixpanel, Chartbeat will be acquired by larger companies or exploit niches in mobile user engagement analytics.

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