Ebook ‘Big Data through 140 characters’

Perhaps one of the most disruptive technologies in the last 30 years, after the appearance of the Internet, has been Big Data and all the revolution it has caused around it influencing in practically any field.

In the field of business, terms like the intelligence of data, real time processing, data centric architecture or artificial intelligence govern the strategies in digital transformation in the biggest companies in the world.

Since 2012, Paradigma has organised Big Data Spain, one of the two most important meetings on a European level. An event that acts as a meeting point to reunite the best Big Data experts in the world and that to this day has more and more attendees each year.

In this eBook, we have wanted to take the pulse of the event, in its latest edition, through the impressions and opinions that the attendees reveal on Twitter. We will review in depth the term Big Data and other areas linked to it. Enjoy!

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Ana Domínguez holds a degree in Journalism from the Pontifical University Salamanca. She has worked in media such as Onda Cero and Punto Radio and has also worked as a screenwriter in national dramas such as ‘Gran Reserva’, ‘Hispania’ and ‘Gran Hotel’. She is currently part of the Paradigma Digital marketing team.

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