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Azure is a trusted cloud that provides security from the start and regulatory compliance, which allows us to guarantee the best solutions for companies, public administrations and start-ups. It enables working in a hybrid environment smoothly. The local environment, the different clouds and the perimeter are all integrated and managed with tools and services designed for the hybrid cloud.

In their commitment to open source, Paradigma and Microsoft Cloud Azure offer their clients the possibility of creating solutions however they like and implementing them wherever they want. Microsoft’s ongoing innovation and Paradigma’s experts are the best allies to tackle current technology challenges.

In 2020 we combined our Cloud Native and Data strengths and best practices with Microsoft Cloud Azure. Together we developed strategic initiatives and, under the aegis of Azure’s innovative and secure solutions, we drove the digital transformation of our clients.

Ever since, our alliance has helped us to successfully apply Azure’s cutting-edge technology in many projects, thus providing our clients with the solution that is the best fit for each challenge.

We believe in the importance of digitally transforming our society in a sustainable manner, so in 2022 we signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge.

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Infrastructure and compliance services.

Azure’s infrastructure has more than 59 availability regions and 113 availability regions around the world that provide the latest computation, communication, data analytics and AI services. These services give every necessary facility for complying with information processing laws and regulations. ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS and SWIFT CSCF are some of the most important.

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Adoption of the flexible cloud.

Azure offers all kinds of approaches for commissioning solutions in the cloud for both start-ups and big companies. Thanks to its Cloud Adoption Framework methodology we have templates, good practices and reference architectures for migrating infrastructure, upgrading applications and innovating by means of the application of advanced analytics and AI.

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Security from the start.

Azure has the latest technology for protecting our assets in the cloud. Solutions ranging from communication encryption, filtering, inspection and protection against DoS attacks to the latest in SIEM systems for intelligent threat detection with Azure Sentinel. It has quick upgrades for immediately responding to any incident that compromises the security of the infrastructure.


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