Google Cloud Experts.

The most innovative technology
of Google.

We are leaders in the development of Digital Transformation projects based on Google Cloud in Spain.

Cloud computing has become a commodity for application development in the digital world. However, not all clouds are the same.

Thanks to Google Cloud, we at Paradigma, are executing differential Digital Transformation projects with the most innovative technology from Google. This provides our customers the necessary tools to compete with the top digital dragons and confidently face the development of Cloud Native Applications, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence.

Paradigma and Google, together in the development of innovative solutions.

We are Google Cloud partners since 2014. We have expert teams in the development and integration of digital products using Google technologies.

Paradigma's day by day and side by side work partnership with Google revealed the similarity between both companies in their approach to work and in their focus on innovative projects that leave an indelible mark. This synergy between companies resulted in the idea of creating Goodly within Paradigma, as a digital expert.

Google Cloud Partner

We are specialists in:

Google Cloud infrastructure (coming soon).

Build the future.
Be the future


Infrastructure for the future.

Secure, high-performance, global, cost-effective platform under constant improvement. Designed from its conception to develop long-term projects.


Data and analytics.

Integrated Big Data and Machine Learning services that allow us to leverage large volumes of data and find answers faster.



Serverless services to get away from the complexity of the underlying systems and focus on what brings most value to the business.


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Isaac Hernández
Goodly is a terrific choice when it comes to creating digital products and facilitates adopting Google’s technology.

Isaac Hernández

Country Manager Google Cloud Iberia

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