Retweet Monitor plugin for Gephi

With this Plugin for Gephi, ParadigmaLabs wants to provide the community with an useful tool to analyze Twitter information. We have encapsulated all the complexity behind a simple button. A retweet is one of the main actions for information propagation, and now you can make your own analysis in real time by means of Gephi and the Retweet Monitor plugin.

It´s internal mechanisms are fairly simple. The software will connect to the TwitterStream, then apply(if desired) a content filter. All the information gathered will be displayed by Gephi, and you can then apply the standard algorithms and layouts in order to create a representative visualization.

Since too much information could be retrieved from the Twitter Stream, the plugin provides a method to remove information from the graph.

You can download the plugin here

Please, feel free to post any comments or suggestions!

Ckeck out the code here: here

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Roberto Maestre desarrolla su trabajo, junto con sus compañeros de Paradigma Labs, en los campos de Procesado de lenguaje natural, análisis de redes, rastreo de información y web semántica. Estudió Informática en la UPM, y actualmente se encuentra realizando su doctorado en el campo de los modelos algebraicos para la construcción de sistemas expertos y de razonamiento automático en el DIA FI-UPM. Anteriormente trabajó en el CSIC en el proyecto TECT de la ESF relacionado con el estudio de redes dinámicas de cooperación. Siempre dispuesto a probar una nueva tecnología o poner a prueba una teoría.

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Hace tiempo que me se trasladé a Madrid desde Valencia en busca de retos. Mi carrera profesional ha crecido paralelamente con la implantación definitiva de Internet, y he trabajado en todos los niveles asociados con el análisis de ésta: desde la recolección de datos hasta la visualización, área en la que actualmente estoy centrado. Divido mi tiempo entre el trabajo, trastear con Arduino, buscar la mejor tapa y recorrer Madrid en bicicleta.

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37 comentarios

  1. admin says:

    Thanks Juliann!

  2. gabriel says:

    Looks really awesome. Thx! I managed to install it, it also captures retweets, but there is no data. Neither in the Data Table, nor visible in the Graph window. How come? Any suggestions?

  3. admin says:

    Hi Gabriel, thanks! I’ll pass this info and come back on this to help you out :)

  4. Tim says:

    The Description of your Plugin sounds nice.
    I’m new to Gephi. So i have an beginner-question:
    How can i install it. It doesn’ t appear in my plugin list
    and i dobr’t know what to do with the file.

  5. Joe says:

    I keep getting a login window after i start the streaming. I saw on another forum (I think it was that this is an authentication issue, but I know the user name and password are correct!!

    • Roberto Maestre Martínez says:

      Hi Joe,

      We use twitter4j to get info from Twitter Streaming. If you provides a wrong username/password in our plugin, this window (provides by twitter4j) will be shown, in order to write your username/password again. Try it again !

      Best regards.

      • Joe says:

        I’m so sorry. User error! I put in my e-mail address, not my user name. It works fine now. I tried it a couple of times and it seems to work (I’m seeing the data and the network map). Now the challenge is that I ran it several times and eventually i get no data or map, but the plugin itself tells me that it’s collecting the data. Could this be subject to the twitter API limits? or because it streams it should not ever “not” download data? Either way I gave the data collection some time and will try it again today. That should tell me if the plugin simply stopped collecting the data because of the twitter api limit…
        Let me know if you have any thoughts on this…And Roberto..Great plugin! truly great!


        • Roberto Maestre Martínez says:

          Hi Joe,

          if you want check if plugin works and collect data from twitter stream, look at the “Retweet captured” counter. If this counter is incremented: the plugin works fine.

          Sometimes if you are search by keyword “love” you can get a lot of retweets, if you change your keyword and search with “red umbrella” perhaps you can not get a lot of retweets because this keyword is not too much popular :(

          Other problem could be … Are changing you workspace? This plugin only works with default workspace.
          We will try to replicate your problem in order to solve this problem.

          Best regards.

          • Joe says:

            So since it will only work in the default workspace.. does that mean I can’t save the workspace? I’d have to start over every time?

  6. Roberto Maestre Martínez says:

    Hi Joe, we are working to solve this issue.

    Best regards.

  7. Shawn says:


    Thank you for this – this is just the kind of thing I’ve been looking for.

    But a quick pair of questions. I’ve downloaded and installed the plugin. I’m in the default workspace. I login with my twitter credentials. If I run it on the keyword ‘love’, the counter duly shoots upwards – but nothing seems to be in my workspace. No nodes appear in the data laboratory. Is there a step missing?

    Second question – if I change the keyword to something else (for instance, ‘THATcamp’), the counter does not move and indeed, everything appears to freeze.

    Suggestions? Thankyou.

    • Roberto Maestre Martínez says:

      Hi Shawn,

      i just test the keyword ‘love’ and i am capturing a lot of RT (9 per second). I am not sure what is happening :( Reboot Gephi and try again.

      Another option (a bit harder one) could be, download the code here and try to run directly from the source.

      I you are looking for ad-hoc software in order to mining twitter (or from another source), please send us an email, we have several tools and plugins :)

      Best regards.

      • Shawn says:

        As I said, the ‘retweets captured’ counter shoots right up, but nothing – no nodes, no edges – appear in my ‘data laboratory’; no graph appears anywhere…

  8. Ryan says:

    Hey, I’m new to gephi and retweet monitor development. I was wondering if there is a way to fullscreen the application window to only display the graph that is being outputted. Also is there a readily available tool to export this application into an opengl, flash or html5? Basically anything that can be contained in an iframe. Thanks for the help.


  9. Saloni says:


    The tool works great.
    I have one question:

    Are the nodes formed using Retweet Monitor just users who have retweeted? or are they a mix of users who initiated a tweet and users who re-tweeted them?


  10. Darkfrogg says:

    Hi! I just got a strange bug installing Retweet monitor. Maybe will you have an idea ?

    When installing the plugin, I got the following (in French) :
    Certains plug-ins requièrent linstallation du plug-in {0}.
    Le plug-in suivant en est affecté:

    I’m quite sure it’s a bug but I can’t find the origin. Would you have an idea ?

    Many thanks!

  11. Thiago says:

    I’m having trouble using.

    Inform the User, Password and keyword (love) and ask capture. It begins to capture the tweets but not insert any vertex and no edges. Both vertex and edges are to 0 (zero). Since the re-tweets are being captured.

    What may be happening.

  12. Siamese says:

    Hi, I love this tool. Are you thinking about adding a feature that enables it to increase the weight of am edge when the interaction between two nodes occurs more frequently?

    Thank you very much

  13. Camilo Ramirez says:

    Is there a way to grab and capture not only the retweets but the whole conversation?

    I was using the plugin to monitor an event over the weekend, and I only got the main conversations, but many others simply disappeared.



    • Roberto Maestre Martínez says:

      Hi Camilo,
      This plugin it is only to capture and track retweets, create a network an visualize it.
      The retweet is the edges in the network, and the users the nodes.
      Here the problem drive the building of the tool.

      However there is “other” information that this basic tool can not track. Check our blog because we have a lot of tools to track other useful information, e.g.: A hashTag discovery tool

      Best regards !

  14. Camilo Ramirez says:

    Y pregunto, Prof. Maestre, en donde se puede encontrar esa herramienta? O simplemente debo modificar el plugin original y agrupar todos los tweets que correspondan a una busqueda determinada?

  15. Roberto Maestre Martínez says:

    Hola Camilo,
    Tienes varias opciones, la primera es bajar el código fuente de y modificar el plugin a tus necesidades; la segunda es ponerte en contacto con nosotros en esta dirección para conocer mas acerca de otras herramientas mas avanzadas.

    Un saludo !

  16. Niam says:

    This is a great plugin, I really enjoyed it!
    Suggestion 1: add the tweet in the data table, Having the content of the tweeted message will be great for the ones who are interested in the content analysis!
    for example you can create different clusters based on the edges, but to know what those clusters are representing, you should be able to analyse the content of the tweets within each cluster!
    Suggestion 2: The time of the re-tweet does not show up in the data table, there is a date column in which there are some dates in 4 digit year format, but they are not correct as I checked with some real re-tweets and usernames. please consider it as well.
    again, thanks for the great plugin!

  17. 07927232116 says:

    Hi Guys, sorry to bother you, I am stuck on the Firehose Authentication page. I have tried both my user name and email as the user name

  18. edgar says:

    tengo un problema cuando introduzco la contrasenia, aparece una pestana que dice firehose y me pide una contrasena, pero no me hace nada !!!!

  19. Alfonso says:

    Yo tambien tengo el mismo problema, no puedo pasar de firehose

  20. Jean-Pitre says:

    Same here! Any idea on how to get by the Firehose Authentication page?

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