Mariano Navas es un desarrollador especializado en plataforma Java. Apasionado de la tecnología y activo practicante del TDD dedica parte de su tiempo a investigar nuevas herramientas, lenguajes y mejores formas de hacer las cosas. En activo como desarrollador desde el año 2000 trabaja actualmente en equipos bajo disciplina ágil basada en Scrum.

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The story of an heroic survival: the Java Platform

Have you ever watched the (for some – “infamous”) TV show Lost? Well, this post is not about shows, but we want to tell an amazing story of resilience, comparable to that we can find on the TV show characters: the story of the Java platform.

I will briefly go through history and recall on the evolution of the Java platform since (approximately) year 2000. My intention is to think aloud about where the Java platform comes from, where it is going and why this technology has been able to adapt and pass through time without becoming obsolete, something more than common when it comes down to computer languages.

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