Computer engineer with more than eight years of experience in the consulting sector. After spending two years in a startup in the fintech sector, he is currently working as a solution architect at Paradigma. Interested in digital transformation, new technologies, agile work methods and time to market. Focused on continuing to learn and designing solutions that adapt to new development techniques in order to offer the best possible service to customers.

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From Lambda to Kappa: evolution of Big Data architectures

The emergence of the Internet, more than two decades ago, has transformed business models and, in recent years, data has gained special relevance for decision making with regards to the future of companies.

In this line, for some years now, we have heard the term Big Data more and more frequently, but do we really know what it consists of?

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De Lambda a Kappa: evolución de las arquitecturas Big Data

La irrupción de Internet, hace más de dos décadas, ha ido transformando los modelos de negocio y, en estos últimos años, los datos han cobrado una especial relevancia a la hora de tomar decisiones y decidir el futuro de las empresas.

En esta línea, desde hace algunos años, escuchamos de forma cada vez más habitual el término Big Data, pero ¿sabemos realmente en qué consiste?

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