Bachelor of Philosophy and an MBA focused on Information Systems. Currently working as Data Engineer in Paradigma. It is focused on everything related to Big Data, such as Machine Learning, IoT and AI, in addition to its implementation with Cloud technologies. He is interested in continuing to participate in this authentic industrial revolution of the 21st century.

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What are the key roles within the Big Data universe?

When we ask what is Big Data and what are the roles associated with it, we find endless definitions that often confuse us instead of clarifying concepts.

In this post we will not give a formal definition, but one that fits our point of view and our experience in Big Data. We will not elaborate a long list of profiles, we will only focus on those that play a key role in the Big Data universe.

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¿Cuáles son los roles clave dentro del universo Big Data?

Cuando preguntamos qué es el Big Data y cuáles son los roles asociados a él, nos encontramos con definiciones interminables que muchas veces nos confunden en vez de aclarar conceptos.

En este post no vamos a dar una definición formal, sino una que encaja con nuestro punto de vista y nuestra experiencia en Big Data. No vamos a elaborar una larga lista de perfiles, solo nos centraremos en los que desempeñan una función clave en el universo Big Data.

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