It is a time for heroes. Technology with a purpose to make the world better.

It is a time for

Technology with a purpose to make the world better.

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In the new digital world there is not a more transformative power than technology. We help our clients to turn technology into their superpower and use it responsibly in order to have a positive impact on the world whilst they transform themselves.

This is what binds together a team full of extraordinarily gifted people. We are Paradigma; we are architects, we are strategists, we are designers, we are technologists, we are digital specialists but, above all, we are people who have decided to put their talent at the service of one end: to carry out exceptional projects that help to create a better world..

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A new generation of contents for over 300 million customers all over the world.



How can we maximize efficiency in managing 250,000+ telecare devices spread all over the world, obtain business indicators, and predict what is going to happen? These are the big challenges Legrand’s Assisted Living and Healthcare Division is faced with.



The Portuguese Environmental Agency (APA) has decided to launch a project in collaboration with Beachcam for calculating the occupancy rate of Portuguese beaches and provide beachgoers with semi real-time information about it with the aim of preventing congestions and encourage interpersonal spacing.

The new
Real-time monitoring of telecare devices
AI makes beaches safe in these Covid times


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