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NH Quality Focus online

What´s this? The Quality Focus Online tool processes, interprets, rates, reports and monitors the reputation and performance of the 400 hotels of the network, individually.

Project´s objectives

NH Hoteles can correlate investment with customer satisfaction as never before. Decisions of CAPEX and OPEX are now informed and measurable. Customer satisfaction is improving over time where it matters with also immediate ROI.

NH Hoteles

A project developed on Cloud



The project started at a traditional hosting. As it evolved into a state-of-the-art situation, we needed to upload it on Cloud. We did not migrate the machines directly; we leveraged instead the capabilities offered by Google Cloud Platform, notably:

  • Cloud SQL as a fully-managed database.
  • Autoscaling and management system of the machines via API Rest to use only the resources required at all times.
  • Google APIs Cloud Engine to translate end-users’ reviews. This allowed us to respond faster to meet the requirements of a multilingual world-wide platform.

The move turned out to yield a remarkable improvement for users on issues such as response speed, service availability and ability to retrieve data from the Internet in much shorter times.

The latter is achieved by launching a large number of parallel scraping machines, which can be stopped when they finish their job.

We have also gained agility in the deployment by switching from managing machines manually to a centralized administration. Administrators now manage everything swiftly on a panel interface: scaling infrastructure, monitoring, performance charts, consumption, etc.

The problem

NH Hoteles ranks among the top 25 chains in the world and 3rd in the European ranking for business hotels. NH Hoteles manages 400 hotels and 60,000 rooms in 26 countries world-wide.

As NH Hoteles aggressively expanded their network, the reporting of customers’ feedback became ever more complex. Hotel guests write reviews on social networks on the Internet. They are the de-facto prescriptors of other hotel guests.

NH Hotels looked into collecting and reporting customers’ reviews in an efficient way. They carried out some trials on standard software. Some tools focused on listening to online reviews. Others were built to benchmark the competition. It soon became apparent that the off-the-shelf tools were lacking in flexibility. Legacy software packages failed to deliver a lot of the features that were crucial for NH Hoteles.

The solution

NH Hoteles asked our engineers to build a solution from scratch instead of trying to adapt existing legacy Business Intelligence systems. We sat together to come up with the concept of a tool that fit both the immediate needs of the quality team and the bigger picture of the strategy of the business.

The solution consisted in developing an online tool to aggregate customer satisfaction data and guests’ reviews and combine them with financial data. It soon became apparent that the challenge was a Big Data one:

  • Scale of the volume of data: hundreds of thousands of reviews per year
  • Nature of the data was mostly unstructured, non-relational and of diverse origin
  • Rate of refreshment of tens of thousand of new reviews in several languages per week
  • Combination of public and private data
  • Creation of maximum value with a low cost solution, easy to deploy and use by analysts

The result

NH Hotels can customise the queries on the database without our intervention. The quality team can define new aggregation data simply by uploading spreadsheets with new categories. NH Hoteles can for instance define the benchmarking of a self-defined group of hotels at local, regional and national levels and with specific hotels of competing franchises without any help by our developers.

As NH Hoteles invested in its quality program, we developed more sophisticated features. For instance, a new integration with financial ratios and accounts now allows NH Hoteles to prioritise resources of all their hotels.

NH Hoteles can correlate investment with customer satisfaction as never before. Decisions of CAPEX and OPEX are now informed and measurable. Customer satisfaction is improving over time where it matters with also immediate ROI.

Key facts

NH Hoteles tracks the performance of its 400 hotels

5.000 employees of NH Hoteles check the tool every month and have now access to around 200,000 customer reviews world-wide every year

Helps to decide capital and operational expenditure based on ratings of hotels and measure the impact of the decision with immediate effect


200Kreviews aggregated and processed per

400hotel directors world-wide use the tool more than twice a week on average to gauge performance and to identify to make informed decisions

15%of the variable income of employees is performance-dependent as measured
by the Quality Focus Online tool

20%less negative reviews from one month to the next by implementing free Wi-Fi access in every hotel

Building de tool

New natural language processing and semantic web libraries in Python were developed ad-hoc. In only 4 months, we built what is now known as the Quality Focus Online tool. The new tool could listen to tens of thousands of customer reviews of NH Hoteles their competitors per week and produce basic metrics and KPIs.

The public data of interest for NH Hoteles are data mined from hotel reviews on social networks and user-generated content sites like The private data are NH Hoteles’ own satisfaction reviews and financial ratios and input.

“The tool turned out to be easy to use from day one. It helps me save a lot of time and improve the business. We improved our noise insulation that to detecting this issue on the tool and as a consequence the satisfaction scores improved overnight, like they did when we installed Wi-Fi.”

Javier Mármol
Director of NH Palacio de Tepa. Madrid (Spain)

Guests reviews and NH Hotels financial data feed the key strategic decisions of the business

Social signals are no longer wasted

We turned noise into fuel for the business

Investment decisions have now an immediate and measurable impact

A unique company radically agile, as much in our organization as in our developments, thanks to which we have already transformed digitally more than 200 top companies.