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Mutua Madrileña: interactive kiosk

A different way to understand and calculated the price of insurances


Integrated into a totem and placed in Movistar stores across the nation, the challenge of this project was to simplify the complex process of quotation of all products offered by Mutua Madrileña.

The challenges for the UX team in this project was the adaptation of the graphic tablet line context and simplifying the entire flow of contributions… in addition to extremely tight deadlines. The project was completed in just a month and a half of work.

Mutua Madrileña
Design, HTML5, CSS3, SPA, AngularJS, Phonegap

From the sheet of paper to the last pixel

We defined several user sessions for the outlines of the project. The objectives were very clear from day one. Both the viewing platform and the context in which this interface is used forced us to reduce the data collection for the price to a minimum.

Simplifying user decisions, we modified the pricing criteria and proposed one simplified so that anyone could get a quote in less than a minute from the system.

The final look

The graph is placed at the service of this simplification. We lightened the graph line of the brand in the final design and reduced color palette to avoid information overload. This, combined with a model of simple and direct interaction, resulted in a clear, compact and intuitive.

A unique company radically agile, as much in our organization as in our developments, thanks to which we have already transformed digitally more than 200 top companies.

Case studies

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