What´s this? New MVNO in Spain

Lowi.es (Vodafone Spain)
MVNO, SCRUM, Cloud, Python, Django, Java, UX design, front dev, responsive, apps, iOS, Android, ecommerce, SEO, web analytics.

With a very demanding release date, Lowi, the new virtual operator should have autonomy within the group, so it conceived the project as an internal start-up and Vodafone chose us as a trusted partner.


The projects’ start-up mentality fit with our lean proposal and experience demonstrated with other virtual mobile operators (Orange and Simyo for multiple MVNOs, Tuenti Telefonica in Latin America).


The three pillars of the project

1, Scalable Technology:

Cloud Infrastructure

Lowi needs flexibility to meet peak demand. An example of peak users is given after television commercials. Up to 7,600 visits in an hour were handled and a significant volume of subscriptions in a day.

As well as scalable, the platform is highly available. Since the same ecommerce sales is from within the portal, availability is critical

In order to ensure availability and scalability, we designed an infrastructure that included Amazon as a provider of cloud computing and databases. The advantage of Amazon, besides being a market leader in Web services is that you pay only for what is consumed at all times.

  • Agility to mount the hosting and agility in the development that has allowed less time to market
  • Cost savings that allows them to offer the lowest possible prices to their customers
  • Auto scaling with elastic load balancer to pay only for the infrastructure needed at all times
  • RDS as database solution that streamlines the steps of administering a typical database: configuration, balancing, etc.

2, Global Solution:

Turnkey project from scratch

The scope of the project consisted of a platform with a comprehensive web portal, native mobile applications and tools for call center and offline distribution channels.


Paradigma assembled multi-disciplinary teams to provide for the development, UX, SEO and web and mobile analytics for system implementations, management of front-end, native mobile applications and back-end integration. The main programming languages used include JavaScript Java, and Python.


3, Agile Methodology:


The SCRUM methodology adapted to Internet projects incorporates customer decision making throughout the life of the project. Deliveries of functional and operational software are periodic, usually every three weeks. This way of working allows for optimum flexibility especially in cases like Lowi in which Paradigma had to integrate with multiple vendors: IBM SAP, Arvato, Vodafone Enabler, ElephantTalk, etc.

Besides being able to adapt to any setback, the SCRUM methodology ensures a great speed in the full cycle of the project.

User experience

The UX team worked on analyzing the needs and motivations of the users to define with the client a usable, intuitive and clear product which at the same time is accessible to all types of devices.

From the beginning, we took into account the needs of business and worked on an interface with a high degree of conversion.

In turn, the visual design team began to sketch in the early stages of the project following the briefing with the customer, creating the overall line chart both for the public site and the private party and native apps.

Later, the various specific elements of the brand image that Lowi.es provided were added.


Analytical and backoffice

Lowi’s proposal is based on simplicity, since it is the sole operator of a single tariff, customizable with an offer of free smartphones.

The SEO challenge was to segment the audience to convert organic traffic with high performance. In analytical, we emphasized properly measured conversions and allowed A / B testing of landing pages. Ecommerce analytics allows the report of the sales channel, campaign and product.

Paradigma also developed support tools and user management for call center operators. A Django based CMS allows product managers to publish content directly on the Lowi web portal.

Development of mobile apps

The project includes the expansion by native mobile apps for iOS and Android. The apps allow end users to manage their account from their mobile Lowi, access support and recharge their credit.

The future

Paradigma is responsible for maintaining the web and apps, development of new features and advanced customization and ecommerce analytical reports among other areas.



5months from inception to launching in production

12weeks of development until exit

16%bounce rate of organic traffic – well segmented SEO

68.261lines of code

10.000new customers in 6 weeks, commercial success

Working with Paradigma allowed us to go very fast in a complex project with a very modest investment. Now we can concentrate on growing the brand.

Alberto Galaso

Director of Low Cost and Vodafone Segments

A unique company radically agile, as much in our organization as in our developments, thanks to which we have already transformed digitally more than 200 top companies.

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