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El Corte Inglés: search engine for eCommerce purpose

What´s this? Comprehensive search engine for the web of El Corte Inglés.

Project´s objectives

Having a search engine in the commercial website of El Corte Ingles adapted to current needs, a fast incremental search engine capable of indexing, self completed, and the functionality required today. A search engine that also allows to apply rules, keyword detection, configurable boosting in the near future and enable the features that were required.

El Corte Inglés
Search engine, intranet, ECI, El Corte Inglés, self completed, highlighting, faceted, basic search, advanced indexing, incremental, configurable, boosting search, rules

The search engine allows:

  • Indexing from different data sources.
  • Incremental indexings: allows indexing of new or modification of existing products through incremental loads.
  • Support of heterogeneous products.
  • Service search: the search provides a search service that returns a JSON response with the search result.
  • Specific and generic searches: make specific searches on a specific or general store for all stores.
  • Searches of products and documents: when searching for products to be returned to request that, in addition to products that search related documents.
  • Detection of keywords: when searching it performed prior recognition of user input string. Depending on a number of predefined terms returns, along with search results, possible events that could be applied in the search. For example if you define that for the word “nike” Rule 28 applies, if the user enters search “nike shoes” it will return search results for that query and also specify that the rule 28 applies, subsequently taking charge of the interface to perform the actions associated with that rule.

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