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Desert City: online strategy for a pioneering initiative

We help Desert City in its online presence, from defining the strategy through to commissioning production of its website.


Desert City is a pioneering project in gardening and landscaping using elements of arid regions. Strolling through the gardens and grounds is an experience that will not leave you indifferent.
The innovation objectives are very ambitious in Desert City. Our challenge was to create a very special and unique experience also online, providing a gateway for its gardens and highlighting its entire range.
We also help clients to incorporate their project concepts like online conversions, and ROI metrics of Internet traffic per channel.

Desert City
Inception, digital strategy, online marketing, design, web analytics, user experience, UX, JavaScript, HTML5, WordPress

Consulting for landing insights

We were fortunate enough to help the customer as consultants from the beginning of the project. For this purpose we organized several working sessions with the entire team of Desert City.

We identified the keys to its future business model, their expectations, their four Ps (product, price, promotion and positioning) and defined conversions (site visit).

Objectives and methodology

The tangible result of the strategy would be launching its website. For this, and thanks to several group exercises, we made its full Customer Journey Map.

We also designed generation strategy, publication and promotion of content, the SEO positioning and online advertising campaigns and social networks.

The challenge: a usable and innovative website

The big challenge in developing the portal was to capture the experience of strolling through the gardens and to ensure online conversion visits.

That is why the site has a “classic” structure from the point of view of the user experience, leaving their navigation along some truly innovative design elements that give a very attractive character.

Looking to surprise with every detail

We demanded ourselves to create an attractive portal from a visual standpoint. The Paradigma team worked on every detail of the design to ensure that the project had a look & feel surprising and with personality.

Innovations like the xerodiccionario or timing of flowering give the website originality and freshness. These components, developed ad-hoc in JavaScript, make the user have fun and be surprised while browsing each of the sections that make up Desert City.

And this is just the beginning

We’ve helped Desert City define their digital strategy and created a portal which offers its entire range, with some details that make it different. In addition, the implementation of Google Analytics measures the ROI of all marketing activities.

Desert City has very ambitious plans for the future. Following the success of this first phase we continue to work together to create a digital experience that complements leisure and nature.

8different professional backgrounds, working together with the client.

480Likes on Facebook page in the first 3 months of publication.

51%of all visits are of organic traffic (SEO) with a yield 40% higher than the next best channel (direct traffic).

76%of online visits originate in Madrid, the target conversion region.

A unique company radically agile, as much in our organization as in our developments, thanks to which we have already transformed digitally more than 200 top companies.

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