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An intranet search engine for Banco Santander

What´s this? ATLAS is a search engine for locating technical information in Banco Santander

Project´s objectives

The aim of the project was the incorporation of advanced searches by indexing and semantic search over product ATLAS (Semantic Technology Laboratory of Banco Santander).

Banco Santander
Search / "you mean" / Highlighting / Faceted / Indexing / Solr, single box, Java, Spring framework, Perl and Python

We created a search engine based on Solr on the information of Banco Santander, providing an interface to perform searches, including filters, facets (groupings of results), advanced search and single box. It also includes the results shown on page and screen corresponding to the paths of different modules and retrieved links.

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Case studies

Vocento: Oferplan

An innovative business model: Coupons that leverage the prescription power of regional dailies.

NH Quality Focus online

The Quality Focus Online tool processes, interprets, rates, reports and monitors the reputation and performance of the 400 hotels of the network, individually.