Customer experience

we transform complexity into simplicity

“Say No to pretty deliverables in bulk. They are the means, not the end” David Montalvo UX Manager


From the very beginning, the goal of the UX team was to close the circle that would allow us to tackle projects as a close-knit, multidisciplinar group – from the UX expert, to the designer, the architect, and the programmer; we are a single team that steers clear from the customary tensions between suppliers. This has allowed us to achieve the following:

  • Better quality and consistency
  • Time and cost efficiency
  • To ensure the quality of the service throughout the whole customer journey

Customer Experience case studies

Our vision


And we mean it in a broader sense. We think that just putting in a wireframe of what the client has requested is not enough. We work to find the distinctive functionality that gives an edge to our service and generates positive emotions when used. We love innovation while abiding by the fundamentals of UX. Usability, findability, mind models, affordances…


User experience is not a set of pretty deliverables, nor a bucket load of wireframes that are impossible to update. Yes, we can do it, but in practical terms, time and resources are always finite; we´d rather focus our efforts on paying attention to detail and defend the project from the dark forces that hinder every enterprise, be it in the development stage or during production.

Agile user experience

Our UX Team is integrated in the agile development process, via a conceptualisation sprint, prior to the development itself; we call it Sprint 0 and it may take between 3 and 5 weeks. During this stage, we use several tools – benchmarking, inception, wireframes, navigation flows, people/profile definition… it depends on the project; we do not “over-engineer” them.

We conduct focus groups and co-creation sessions in the early stages of development. We strive to accommodate everbody’s ideas and create a team spirit from the beginning. We like these dynamics because:

  • The service is effectively aimed to the right target, listening to all the parties involved and taking their true needs into account
  • Creativity thrives in the context of a group
  • Everybody feels included and relevant; common goals are defined; differences between team members can be resolved; grows the empathy within the group
  • Sets and documents the basis for the project, preventing loss of focus
  • We go from being suppliers to become part of the client company; that way, we get in their shoes and fight for their business as it were our own