At Paradigma, we have been committed to Open Source technologies since the beginning, which is why we have found the perfect partner in Red Hat to build our digital products.

We have experience in production in most sectors: banking, insurance, retail, tourism and even in the public sector. We make the most out of their advantages to reduce Time to Market and increase the efficiency of the development and operations teams. In general, it is the platform on which we rely on to implement Cloud architectures with microservices in large companies.

We have the highest level of partnership with Red Hat, as well as expert teams in the development and integration of products such as Openshift, Openstack or Ansible.

Success stories


After an analysis of the different alternatives, we used OpenShift as the corporate PaaS in the digital transformation of one of the most important insurers in Spain.

We have managed to reduce the use of physical infrastructure and reduce the time needed for operations.

We have developed a new website following DevOps models, reducing the Time to Market to anticipate the needs of our clients, achieving an increase in sales of 50%.


One of the main distribution chains in Europe was beginning to have problems with an increasingly complex and inflexible IT legacy environment.

We have implemented a private cloud whose core is Openshift, on which we are dealing with the renewal of its applications, which has allowed us to move from deploying new functionalities in weeks to do it in minutes, being able to scale according to the demands of the clients.

The renewal of the logistics backoffice has been addressed, reducing the time needed to prepare an order by up to 70% and providing the innovation required by business.

Public sector

As part of a technological revamping, we used OpenShift to eliminate bottlenecks and unnecessary tasks that hampered the performance of the IT team.

It has gone from a monolithic architecture to an architecture based on microservices, operations have been standardized and automated, and proprietary technologies have been replaced with open source industry standards, using Openshift's capabilities to support multiple languages and frameworks.

This change has allowed us to a build new digital services that streamline operations in an agile way, reducing paper and generating new business models.

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We lead the Openshift Meetup in Spain in collaboration with Red Hat, with over 500 members

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