Digital Strategy

Reimagine your business in the new digital reality.

“The new digital era requires another way to define and test business models” Offering_businessAndStrategy_main_quote_name Offering_businessAndStrategy_main_quote_position

Traditional consultancy does not work in the digital world. This is why at Paradigma we approach strategy differently. We do strategic design by applying the methods and the way of thinking of designers to an organisation’s strategic challenges.

We combine our knowhow of the digital world and our clients’ market knowledge to come up with truly innovative solutions. Only thus significant evolution can be achieved.

Case study

We reinvent the digital future of companies through technology

We add digital agitators

We help companies to step outside their comfort zone.

From inside-out to outside-in

So as to not pass on the company’s internal limitations to its customers.

We use co-creation dynamics

By joining technology and business to be more creative and efficient.

We take users into account from the start

Already during the first conception steps, to test and validate ideas with them.

Our services


Digital transformation of companies

We measure the level of digital maturity of a company and devise a transformation plan according to an agile approach that we will help it to put into practice. In addition, we have a tool for monitoring the success of the process.

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Design of digital products

A set of dynamics and artefacts whose purpose is the fast, efficient conceptualization of any digital product or service.


Fast validation of new business ideas

A method that allows the feasibility of an idea to be prototype-tested with actual customers before making a large-scale investment.


Applying technological disruptions

Knowing new emerging technologies and defining how they can be applied to improve the business.

Integrating strategy in agile

In the digital world, a strategy cannot be a fixed image. This is why we integrate digital strategy in agile and iterate it to maximize the delivery of value to the client.

In addition, we use analytics as a tool to monitor metrics and KPIs in order to be able to continually assess the customers’ response and thus be able to adapt the strategy.

Our method guarantees focusing on what really adds value to the company, measuring the return for every euro spent and continually adapting to changing market conditions. (See more about our method)

And we do not confine ourselves to strategy. We realize projects.