Digital Strategy

Reimagine your business in the new digital reality.

“The new digital era requires another way to define and test business models” Offering_businessAndStrategy_main_quote_name Offering_businessAndStrategy_main_quote_position

Internet does not forgive failures, companies that are not up to the task of what a digital customer needs are dead.

Technology has given the customer control over the relationship with brands, and the biggest challenge for companies is not technological renewal, but the digital transformation of their business. Only companies that are capable of doing so will survive, even if it means reinventing themselves.

The digital transformation is not just about having a presence on the Internet, but to apply disruptive business models, supported by the possibilities offered by new technologies.

Case study

DTMA: Digital Transformación Maturity Assessment

Our own tool to design and execute your digital transformation plan.

We measure the level of digital maturity of your company in 3 vectors: strategy, technology and culture.

We design a practical execution plan that allows us to obtain results in the short, medium and long term.

We monitor the progress and impact of the transformation process, with our own dashboard.

We integrate digital and analytical strategy in product development

At Paradigma we approach the strategy from the perspective of a native digital company, with years of Internet experience. A way of working that is more aligned with Lean philosophy, radically different from traditional consultancies or design agencies.

We have taken agility to strategy, so as to work in a more practical and effective way. Our method guarantees we focus on what really adds value in the company, being able to measure the return of every euro spent thanks to analytics and the continuous adaptation to the market. (Find out more about our methodology)


We reinvent the digital future of companies through technology

Strategy dynamics designed to create new digital products

New technologies such as IoT, social networks, mobility, artificial intelligence, etc. are a great opportunity for the creation of new channels, products or services, and even disruptive business models. How to apply these new disruptions in your business?

We design digital products from a customer centric perspective , supported by group dynamics, which allow us to take full advantage of our knowledge of the internet and the business knowledge of our clients.

We have our own set that we apply according to the needs of each client:

And we don’t stop at strategy, we make projects become a reality.