Velocity development

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Velocity mode Time to market is not measured by the calendar, it is measured by the clock.


The current business context draws a picture in which traditional businesses, dragged by theunstoppable stream of digital transformation, must face the change to be able to compete.

The areas of IT are becoming more important. Every new idea, every new functionality depends on technology for its launch, and companies increasingly move to the speed set by its IT area.

Companies that were born and built around the technology (Amazon, PayPal, Google, Netflix, TripAdvisor …) are now a major threat to incumbent firms in major industry sectors (banking, retail, media, telecommunications, etc.). The traditional areas of IT companies are suddenly unable to compete with these companies, which by means of their purely digital culture have found a way to work in a revolutionary way, allowing them to achieve:

  • Minimum time to market.
  • Fluidity to quickly adapt its products to customer feedback or changes in the market.
  • Products with a pure multi-channel experience.
  • Minimum time of unavailability of service.
  • Capacity for innovation, testing new ideas and discarding them quickly to find those that work.
  • Low cost of service, including demands to potentially very high loads.

To compete in equal conditions, IT departments from traditional companies need to be able to also work in this way: in velocity mode.

90% of our projects are based on Open source

What is Velocity Development?

In velocity mode, the time to market is not measured by the calendar, it is measured by the clock. For this you need:


Scrum methodologies as opposed to traditional waterfall methodologies that allow product evolution as it is being developed, reducing time and costs and providing fluidity.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery tools and test automations, which implemented on cloud infrastructure (private or public), allow the developers to put their releases into production.


DevOps working models that integrate developers and systems specialists in the same teams, balancing and streamlining processes of deployment and operation, to the point of making

almost instantaneous.

Bimodal IT

Development teams working at the speed of the internet that are virtually independent organizations within the company and are able, with the same means as the parent company, to work faster and cheaper.



Fast and robust coding will never be a commodity


Paradigma was born and raised thanks to Java. We collaborate with the biggest Java organisation in Spanish:

Why Java?

  • It is ideal to develop long-life cycle applications in a robust manner
  • It allows the use of different languages within a single platform, thus providing the right tool for every need without having to integrate disparate technologies.
  • It has a broad range of standards, tools and libraries that constitute a shared ecosystem. This generates a collaborative way of doing things that simplify technical design choices and flatten the learning curves associated to running a specific product on new equipment.
  • Virtually every company with a major systems infrastructure has Java-enabled platforms as part of its architecture.
  • It’s a safe choice for non-technology companies, thanks to their strong market penetration.


The Django Team at Paradigma has experts in architecture and web development with Python/Django and includes professionals that manage the Spanish-speaking community within the framework

Why Django?

  • Agile, robust development.
  • It comes from the world of journalism (The Washington Post) and it´s very useful when the fast development of new prototypes is required.
  • It has been successfully used for the most demanding applications: NYTimes, The Guardian, The Washington Post, The Onion, Google, VMware, Mozilla, Pinterest, Instagram, Disqus, Telefónica, Unidad Editorial, BBVA, QDQ Media…
  • Google even used Django as the base for AppEngine, the application platform where its clients can host and run applications in the cloud.
  • At Paradigma, we have great expertise and strong ties with the Open Source framework community.


PHP is one of the most popular languages in web application development, allowing for a quick design and launch of applications.

At Paradigma Tecnológico we have broad expertise in PHP applications, based on Frameworks and CMS (Symfony, Zend, Expression Engine, WordPress, Drupal)...

Why PHP?

  • Mature platform that was intended since its inception to create Web applications.
  • Boasts a vast community of developers that make it evolve with freedom at its core.
  • Nosotros lo hemos exprimido para clientes como: Oferplan (plataforma y portal de de venta de ofertas Vocento) Madrid 2020, Big Data Spain, Big Jobs Save my day!…
  • We have made it sweat on behalf of Oferplan (Vocento´s Portal and e-commerce platform) Madrid 2020, Big Data Spain, Big Jobs Save my day!…

Daily technologies

We are dedicated to technology but we have always believed that the jack of all trades is a master of none, and thus, we have focused on the Internet world and open technologies, which is more than enough. Visit agile software to learn more about our expertise.
  • Java
  • Scala
  • Groovy
  • Hadoop
  • Python
  • Django
  • MongoDB
  • node JS
  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • Coffee Script
  • Backbone
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Symfony
  • Wordpress
  • Expression Engine
  • MySQL
  • jQuery
  • Rails
  • Ruby
  • .NET
  • Git