SEO tutorial for web developers – free eBook

This eBook is a free 80-page tutorial of SEO for software developers working on new, large or complex websites. It is complete with real-life examples, graphs and links to multiple tools and references.

The target audience is software developers and marketers with technical skills. The eBook is apt for all levels of proficiency in SEO, from beginners to seasoned online marketers.


Front page SEO ebook


Contents of the book

 What is SEO?

  • Which are the differences between technical and off-page SEO?
  • Why is SEO important?
  • Is SEO free?
  • Google’s official stance on SEO
  • Jargon buster
  • SEO deals with the bottlenecks in the search flow
    • Bottleneck 1: Limitations of keywords
    • Bottleneck 2: The World Wide Web & Search Engines
    • Bottleneck 3: Web servers, websites and code
    • Bottleneck 4: The content itself

SEO for new websites

  • Why is technical SEO relevant?
  • Hosting
  • Host your site on reliable servers with excellent connectivity
  • Check your neighbours in shared hosting environments
  • Hosting services with dynamic IP addresss
  • Information Architecture
    • Google PageRank
    • Design a lean site architecture
    • Link your internal pages sensibly
    • Configuration of mobile rendering
  • Uniform Resource Identifier URL
    • URI Syntax
    • Compose a simple URL path
    • URL encoding
    • Friendly URLs
    • Automate the generation of URLs with intuitive rules
  • Mark-up your content
  • Title Tag
  • Meta elements
  • Headings
  • Main and aside tags
  • Rich media (images, videos)
  • Canonicalization
  • Anchor text
  • Structured Data
  • Authorship
  • Robots.txt protocol
  • HTML, JavaScript, AJAX and CSS
    • Code for speed
    • Debug for crawlers
    • Avoid cloaking
    • Make AJAX content crawlable
    • <noscript> tag  for content on JavaScript
    • Avoid frames and Flash
    • Avoid using CSS to hide text
    • Generate sitemaps
      • HTML sitemaps
      • XML sitemaps
      • If-Modified-Since HTTP header
  • Set the crawling rate of Googlebot

SEO for established websites

  • Off-page SEO
    • Backlinks
    • Quantity of backlinks
    • Quality of backlinks
    • Growth rate of backlinks
  • Content inventory
    • Internal duplication
    • Plagiarism
    • Count of indexed pages
    • HTTP Status Codes
    • Server-side redirects
    • Migration from older versions or consolidated properties
    • Manage the rotation of content
  • Site Architecture
    • First step – Crawl a website
    • Second step – Filter the pages with internal links only
    • Third and last step – Visualize the network and analyze it
  • Watch the health of your site
    • Crawling by Google
    • Server logs
    • Health check of indexed URLs
    • Log file parsing
    • Block bots other than search engines

Tools and references

  • SERP volatility

Appendix – Target keywords

Appendix – Domain names

  • Internationalization of domains
  • Subdomains and subfolders

Appendix – Google Analytics

  • Engagement
  • Split or A/B tests


Visualization of the importance of webpages in a website

Visualization of the graph of a network of webpages and internal links

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