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Agile in Paradigma

Agile minds think alike

“In a few years we do not know how the market will be, but the ability to be agile and adapt, that is the greatest value of a company” Cristina de la Bandera Digital DNA Initiative

We are agile because we do not understand another way of working in the digital environment and we believe that it is the only way to add value to our clients.

Nowadays, it is common to find many companies and teams that call themselves agile, which simply follows a framework rigorously without paying attention to the values ​​behind it.
The methods are very important, but the reasons and objectives that lead us to follow them are more important.

2x Time to Market faster and higher quality

500+ Successful projects

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We combine different practices

Design Thinking



We bring the agile principles to the conceptualization of products and the digital strategy through co-creation dynamics and user-centered design methods.

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The best way to validate that we are investing in the right direction and with quality is through measurement. These metrics make an iterative strategy and design during the implementation of the solution possible.

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We use the frameworks that best apply in each case (Scrum, Nexus, Kanban or Safe) and enrich them with our experience to improve transparency, collaboration and continuous improvement.

Value is generated by combining agile with engineering practices

We worry about using best practices in software engineering without which it is impossible to work in an agile way.

Cloud solutions, Continuous Delivery, decoupled architectures in microservices, automation, continuous integration, automatic functional / integration tests, and many other practices that are already part of Paradigma.

Multidisciplinary teams working together end-to-end

All this is possible thanks to high performance teams. Multidisciplinary teams composed of experts in Customer Experience, technicians, Scrum Masters, QA, digital strategy and DevOps working together end-to-end.





10 years of experience in agilism

Our partner Álex in a discovery dynamic

Always looking to improve, our references are startups and open source communities. We have an internal community of scrum masters and an internal tool (ADN Games) that, through periodic self-evaluations, guarantees Paradigma’s quality standards at all levels.

Our goal is the success of our clients, and there is no better way to achieve success than working based on a relationship of trust, transparency and collaboration, where we all share the same objectives.

“Efficiency, flexibility, tangible results in the short term and focus on achieving objectives are the conclusions of our experience with Paradigma”

Product Owner at Grupo Santander